Yes, you can switch networking back on again. When you do, the computer owner will receive a warning as a voice message, telling them that there is a security risk involved in enabling network, and they will be asked if they accept this change or not?

 eLinkMe uses a protocol that is based on reading and writing an encrypted file. This means that it is reliable, robust and very secure.

Yes, the remote access function of eLinkMe runs on Windows, Mac, Linux

 Yes, eLinkMe is fully capable of using a Wi-Fi router that is using NAT and your connection will work without any configuration.

Yes, because eLinkMe is available at BIOS level, it can be used at boot time to install from a manufacturer’s restore DVD, or any other bootable media

Remote access enables somebody in another location, to take control of your computer. This could be for many reasons, including remote technical support or system troubleshooting.

Once you have configured the Wi-Fi settings, and the calling address of the remote expert by using the eLinkMe Manager application, and switched the device to the remote access function, you are ready to connect. Each time you plug in eLinkMe to your device in remote access mode, eLinkMe will initiate a connection to the remote expert support expert then the remote expert can initiate a remote access session. The local user will need to accept or refuse using the proximity sensor controls.

The eLinkMe Manager Application is a software application, which is available on eLinkMe storage. The software enables you manage all of the settings for your eLinkMe. This includes setting up a Wi-Fi profile, managing the password database including viewing, adding, editing and deleting entries. The eLinkMe manager also enables you to set up which remote calling addresses are allowed, and also to update and install new functions.

 eLinkMe contains several advanced security features that prevent this from happening. Firstly, as the normal networking stack is disabled by eLinkMe, data cannot be copied across the network. Secondly, if a remote user attempts to install some malicious software whilst connected, eLinkMe will discover it. A disk image of the remote user’s data attached to eLinkMe is scanned by the eLinkMe servers.

No, there is no need to install any specialized software at the client end of the connection. When you enable the remote access service using your eLinkMe, it will automatically install a small software application to allow it to function. When you have finished, this software will be automatically removed from your computer. For remote users connecting to your eLinkMe, they will need to use our specialized remote agent application.