In the future, it will be possible to back up your entire eLinkMe to our servers.

Because eLinkMe works entirely locally, there is never a risk of your remote password store being hacked or compromised in any way. eLinkMe offers significantly increased levels of security over remote password managers.

eLinkMe is in general more secure than all existing local password storage solutions. This is because eLinkMe uses a safer way to actually enter a password that has been recalled, it requires the user to hold the proximity sensor to confirm they want to enter the password. This means that automated brute force attacks are much more difficult to perform.

Yes, by using the eLinkMe Manager application, the user is able to view and edit their password database. Access to this feature is secured by requesting the input of a PIN code.

eLinkMe offers several ways to recall and play stored passwords.
1) Manually, by physically navigating through their password profiles (using voice messages) until they find the one they want and then selecting it.
2) Automatically, by associating password profiles with specific websites/documents/applications.Built in the eLinkMe Manager application is a special tool designed to make this simple. All the eLinkMe user has to do, is drag the eLinkMe password icon, on to the application where it needs to be replayed. The eLinkMe Manager application will automatically match the application with a password profile. For example, dragging the icon on to a website with the Facebook page open, will result in the eLinkMe manager application locating and replaying the Facebook password, once the user confirms the action using the proximity sensors.
3) Remote support experts have access to password profiles. If a remote user requests use of a stored password, the local user must approve it by holding the proximity sensor.

No, eLinkMe will intelligently blank the data of the screen where the password is displayed. When a remote user requests to recall and use it, all the remote user sees is a blank rectangle on their display.

Because eLinkMe is a single unified solution for both remote access and password manager, the remote support expert has access to the eLinkMe password database.However, they can only see password profile names, and ask to activate them, they can never see the actual password.

eLinkMe will emulate either a USB keyboard (for PC) or a Bluetooth keyboard (for mobile devices). eLinkMe offers three separate ways for storing passwords.
1)By using the eLinkMe Manager application to create, edit and sync with eLinkMe.
2)Automatic generation of passwords locally. When performing this takes, the user is asked to speak out a name for the new password profile using the in-built microphone.
3)Automatic password generation by remote support expert.If a remote user does add a new password profile, the password will be generated randomly by the device, and kept secret from the remote user.

he password manager function of eLinkMe stores password to websites, documents, or any type of password secured application, so that you will not need to remember them. The password manager will automatically help you enter passwords that you have taught it.