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Attractive personnel policy is an important factor that makes the position and competitiveness of E Link recruitment brand Gate.

Motto “Strong human resource is the core value of the Enterprise”

E Link Gate creates a professional and modern working environment, maximizing the right to work, dedication, developing, honoring employees and a harmonious combination of business interests with employee benefits workers.
Recruitment mechanism always ensures equal, objective and transparent opportunities for all candidates. The pioneer enterprise organized the first organized recruitment for leadership / management staff titles; is The first career innovates recruiting online.

Income deserves the capacity and dedication

ELINKGATE is building an infrastructure to help people calling IT support easily. Our patent remote access technology provides unique features:
- Simple: Just plug the USB to computer to get support, no computer knowledge is required.
- Smart: Ability to remotely solve all computer problems even when there is no operating system (can reinstall Window, Linux OS).
- Safe: Protecting user data, the remote person can only fix the computer but not be able to steal user data.

Opportunities for professional training

E Link Gate always facilitates the development of professional qualifications of employees, encouraging innovation to create investment
The only difference is to send staff to study at home and abroad to develop qualified human resources High expertise contributes to building the company's mission and vision and contributing to society.

Social life and other regimes

E Link Gate always cares and takes care of the cultural and spiritual life of its employees, encouraging solidarity many regimes and social activities such as: insurance, annual vacation, right to buy preferential projects, shares with preferential prices, timely visits to employees and relatives when sickness, helping employees with families encountering difficult circumstances ...