eLinkMe is intelligently shareable. This means that it will recognise a list of authorized computers that it can be plugged into. Plugging it into an unauthorized computer informs the remote support expert that the current PC is not one of the pre-authorized ones, so that they can potentially refuse service.

Whilst we do not give our eLinkMe free of charge to support providers, we do offer a discounted price, enabling them to package eLinkMe in to their service offering.

We have developed an agent focused software application that enables remote support experts to connect their PC to eLinkMe users. This agent application is available to download from our server.

You just need to provide your clients with an eLinkMe that has already been setup with a remote access calling profile to your account. If your client already has an eLinkMe, you can ask them to set up a calling profile, then you are able to use the remote access service with your clients. All you need to do is register an account with eLinkMe Server and download the remote agent application. You can then connect to eLinkMe users remotely.

Answer: There are two scenarios here, your company will most probably fit into one of these two categories.
1) Your company is not using any specialised infrastructure right now. In this case you can simply sign up for an account, download the remote agent software and give an eLinkMe to your remote users.
2) You already have some infrastructure in place, and would like to find a way to incorporate eLinkMe into it. In this case, please contact us so we can discuss your needs.