Recruitment of HR director position

Description of work

  • Take care of the available customers of the Company.
  • Search and develop new customers through advertising, media, relationships, etc.
  • to sell available Real Estate in abundance, high commission of the Company.
  • Participate in courses to improve skills held regularly.
  • Connect and implement Real Estate transactions.
  • Set your own goals, know how to set up business plans for individuals by week, month, quarter.
  • Take full responsibility for the technique and activities of the technical system in the building
  • including fire protection, ensuring the entire technical system of the building is always in good condition.
  • Planning periodic inspection of FPF system, by week, month, quarter, year.
  • Responsible for drafting, adjusting management, control, operation and maintenance processes
  • the whole technical system of the building.
  • Consult construction plans for contractors in the building to ensure standards
  • engineering of the building.
  • Responsible for training operational skills, maintaining and maintaining systems for all personnel technician.

Job requirements

  • Graduated from a specialized college of electrical engineering, industrial electricity or equivalent
  • Handle technical situations at the building.
  • Having 2 or more years of experience working in the position of economic / manager position, giving priority to candidates who have worked at buildings, apartments, office
  • Having in-depth knowledge of technical operation and maintenance and maintenance of machinery and equipment systems of apartment buildings, office
  • Understanding the electrical system of the building, maintenance work and preventing system failure
  • technical system, skilled in solving technical problems effectively.
  • Know how to use computer software for management …
  • Able to work independently and team work, have a long-term sense of attachment to the company.
  • Good communication ability, agile behavior, good sense of discipline, professional working style
  • Priority is given to candidates who have worked in a large building

Benefit enjoyed

  • Friendly, young, dynamic, professional working environment, clear promotion opportunities with competent and dedicated
  • employees for work
  • Ensure the health insurance, social insurance and unemployment insurance regimes comply with the law
  • Enjoying holidays in the year: April 30, May 1, September 2, ….
  • To participate in extracurricular activities, entertainment of the company
  • Trained professional skills, knowledge of products
  • Exchange more when interviewing directly.